Service / Repairs

Beta Computers :: your trusted one stop IT and hardware service provider

Full operational workshop located in Newmarket

Open from 7am!

Our Technicians are available from 7am Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment only*

We have a large amout of spare parts dating back to the early 1990's when Beta Computers started.

No job is too big or too small for us. We look after multi national business clients to a 82 year lady down the road with her 2003 built Beta Computer.

We are simply great! we have so many jobs through our workshop almost nothing is new to us.




Need extra power from your computer system?

Wish to add features, replace old parts, upgrade your network, expand servers or even just need a new mouse?


It's all available at Beta Computers.

We provide partial to complete upgrades, from key component upgrades to software specific upgrades. So contact us and we will advise to your situation.

Virus Removal

We removing virus all the time so come to us if you need it removed quickly. We recommend not using your computer if a virus has taken over. Private data can be stolen when you have a active virus operating on your computer.

Spare Parts

As stated above we have a large amout of spare parts dating back to the early 1990's when Beta Computers started.We cover all the major brands


Computer parts 



We service, support and install networks. From computers to servers, including printers, routers, cabling and all the important parts in between.


We repair computers, laptops and notebooks, monitors, printers and peripheral devices. We source replacement parts, fix software problems and perform preventative maintenance.

PC Tune Up

We remove viruses, spyware and adware. We also investigate and recommend ways to optimise PC performance.

ONLY $99

Internet Issues

We assist with connecting with broadband, dialup, network issue. VPN and RDP additional networking interfaces 

We have different ways we can carry out fixes:

Onsite Visit: Our team of experienced technicians will come out and fix the problem at your location

Remote Support: We are able to fix most issues remotely. If you have an internet connection we can be connected within minutes to your computer.

Workshop: Our workshop is based in the Newmarket/Epsom area. We carry out hardware related duties here and support for those who want one on one help with their computer issues.